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Gas Supply Systems

Gas Supply Systems

On site at frozen foods plants, hospitals and so on, our gas supply systems keep low temperature liquefied gases such as liquid nitrogen (-196℃) and liquid oxygen (-183℃) in liquid gas storage tanks, and supply these gases in the form of liquid as they are or as ambient temperature gases after they are vaporized and warmed up.

Product Lineup

Gas Supply SystemsCE Specifications
Type CE40-0.92V CE56-0.92V CE100A-0.92V
Inner volume 40,100L 55,600L 100,000L
Max. filled volume 36,000L 50,000L 90,000L
Design pressure* 0.92MPa* 0.92MPa* 0.92MPa*
Diameter 3.0m 3.3m 3.5m
Height: 10m 11m 16m

*LNG case = 0.97MPa

Type CE60-0.6V
Inner volume 60,000L
Max. filled volume 54,000L
Design pressure 0.6MPa
Diameter 3.4m
Height 11m

*The CE60 type is available for LNG content only.


On-site assembly type of liquefied gas storage tank (with vacuum perlite insulation)
Model number CE100A
Capacity Inner volume: 100m3、Max. filled volume: 90m3
Dimensions (mm) 3,500(φ)x16,270 (height)
Empty weight Approx. 40.5 tons
Liquefied gases Liquid oxygen Liquid nitrogen Liquid argon LNG
Design pressure 890kPa 920kPa 860kPa 970kPa
Design temperature -183℃ -196℃ -186℃ -164℃
Patent pending Applied 2006-160303, etc.
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